Rosie Contemporary remote by Savant

If you are bored of your regular rectangular Remote, invest in the all-new Rosie Contemporary Remote by Savant. A relief from the usual rectangular design, this Remote is shaped like a dish and small enough to fit in your palm. Its operation is also simple as all you have to do is use your thumb to scroll past various control options just like an iPod. The Rosie On-Screen home control menu is what sets this remote apart from the rest. Icons relating to a home’s lighting, audio/video, security, thermostats, and more are laid out in a circular fashion. Just scroll around till you get the option of your choice or press the select button and Rosie will bring up another menu of choices. That’s not all; you can program the hard buttons on the side of the touch-sensitive scroll wheel to perform a variety of functions like dimming and brightening the lights when you are in the lighting control menu.

You can also custom design the outer shell of this Remote in any material or finish you want, from leather to metal, pick the material of your choice. Or if you are too lazy, just stick to the original standard high gloss black finish. This Contemporary remote is priced at $400 while the On-Screen Display costs $3,800. So if you think you can handle the price tag, get rid of that rectangular remote right away.