Siemens Nespresso Machine in Porsche Design

The cuppa apart from being a break -time favorite has, over the past few years, become a necessary accompaniment to official meetings and chat sessions. Many times a quick sip not only helps you to crack the knottiest of audit jumbles but also gain confidence before facing the boss after an awful goof-up. Sip from a cup of coffee from Siemens Nespresso Machine in Porsche Design that unites the knowledge and experience of three premium brands: Nespresso, which leads the market for pre-portioned gourmet coffee and invented the unique capsule system, continues its successful collaboration with machine partner Siemens, which is the leading manufacturer of household appliances; and the renowned Porsche Design Studio was commissioned to create the styling. Elegant styling and intelligently conceived technology go hand in hand in the “Siemens Nespresso Machine in Porsche Design.”

The unit features a stylishly lit stage for the coffee capsule, which slides into place and creates your selected beverage along with perfect cream topping by pushing just one button. The newly developed milk-swirl system generates foam with tiny pores for long-lasting creaminess atop your favorite coffee drink. This easy to operate coffee machine features a display that shows when the container has reached its capsule threshold, when the removable container needs to be filled with fresh water, and when decalcification of the unit is required. Never before has it been so easy to prepare a perfect cappuccino! Together, this team of the trio is offering a fully automatic Nespresso machine with a one-touch cappuccino function for exclusive coffee pleasure. Indulge in your cuppa coffee topped with a crown of perfect crème by coughing up an equally perfect €1,000 or $1,320.

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