There is a German food service which delivers airline food to your home for $11

The good, bad and ugly truth about the plane food, on the whole is that it is unappetizing. While flying at 30,000 feet on a long flight leaves you with little culinary options, I am not sure how many takers will the German food delivery service Air Food One will find for its aeroplane meal offering on ground level. Air Food One, launched by online German grocery store, is a service that delivers airline food based on Lufthansa’s in-flight menu to your home. Good news is that the meals are actually from Business Class, and not the average bland meals served in economy class.

air-food-one-2The grocery store has partnered with the food vendor for Lufthansa airlines, LSG Sky Chefs, to create food selections in line with the business class menus in flight. As an alternative to the conventional takeout, this latest offering will prevent the wastage of excess food on flight. The food will be delivered once every week on Wednesday. It will be sent cold and will require cooking in the oven before consumption. It can also be stored in refrigerator for later use.

air-food-one-3The menu will include dishes like ‘Emperor Bream with Herb Risotto’ or ‘Panserotti with Ricotta’, ‘Chicken Breast with Pepper’ or ‘Pumpkin Gnocchi with Ragout’ and ‘Shak Navratan Indian Vegetables’ for the vegetarians.

air-food-one-5The aeroplane meals are currently only available in Germany, at a cost of €9 to €10 (approximately US$11 to US$13).

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