Here’s a peek at Dior’s new Tutti Frutti tableware collection

While the fall season is almost here, keeping us warm in a luxurious sunny haze is Dior. The marquee has released a new home accessories collection that is inspired by the hues of summer and all things warm, shiny, and cozy!

Called the ‘Tutti-Frutti’ collection, the ensemble includes an array of vessels, plates, and decorative objects embellished with whimsical fruit motifs. It is designed by creative director Cordelia de Castellane and aims to bring tropical goodness into your home.

Dotted with vibrant bananas, kiwis, pineapples, passion, and dragon fruit, the items are intricately made from fine hand-blown glass from Italy. Some of the most eye-catching offerings include a hand-blown decorative glass globe with a delightful miniature glass dragon fruit, a transparent jam jar topped with a diminutive kiwi slice, and a set of woven raffia placemats.

Those interested in simpler objects can shop for glasses with the brand’s embellishments, decorative boxes, baskets, plates, mug sets, and carafes with banana trees and other fruit decorations. The color theme of the collection circles around lush shades of vibrant green, white, and ochre and is just the upgrade your kitchen cabinets need!

The collection is currently available for sale on Dior’s official website.

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