Not just your supercar, now you can get your toilet seat in carbon fiber

Carbon Fiber, often referred to as the miracle material, is steadily becoming a commonplace in our lives thanks to the cost of production coming down considerably over the last decade. It’s the property of carbon fiber being stronger than steel at a fraction of its weight that makes it so useful in different applications. But for us less technical people, it’s those exotic geometric patterns made by the weaves that make it one of the coolest material ever invented. A reason why just about everything these days can be ordered in carbon fiber – Quite literally! We have heard about oligarchs and dictators of having toilets made of gold, but now you can get yourself a carbon fiber toilet seat, which is available at a rather affordable price.

For just $480, you can give your boring throne a carbon fiber makeover. Introduced by the people at Carbon Fiber Gear, the lightweight and durable toilet seat fits standard household toilets. The description reads: “The manufacturing process uses the finest epoxy resin system and 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber. The carbon fiber features a 2 x 2 twill pattern, the weave looks absolutely gorgeous! Pictures do no justice.” The website claims that the carbon fiber toilet seat is available in limited numbers and might go out of stock soon; so in case you want one, you better hurry.


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