The worlds most expensive doorbell is encrusted with diamonds and costs a whopping $100,000

When you own the most expensive house in the most expensive neighborhood, you don’t need much to make a statement. But if you’re in the mood to splurge, then complete the trio of pricey items with the world’s most expensive doorbell. ‘What could possibly make a doorbell expensive?’ you must be wondering, ‘Is it made of gold? Does it have night vision? HD cameras?’

The answer, dear reader, is that it has all three.

The product has been created by Ring, who are a well-known manufacturer of video doorbells. For the most part, Ring products use the internet and smartphone technology to allow you to communicate with anyone who is at your door. However the model we’re discussing today goes pretty above and beyond those basics.

Firstly, this limited edition doorbell is generously coated with 98g of yellow gold and encrusted with 2,000 sapphires amounting to over 30 carats. The brand name is inscribed using 40 diamonds. This design was created by the fine jewelers at Bijan.

The features of the doorbell include instant motion-activated alerts, HD video and a microphone and speakers allowing for two way communication. Infrared night vision means that lighting is not an issue with this camera.

Only ten units of this diamond encrusted doorbell have been created and all of them are on sale at Selfridge’s London (Oxford Street) for $100,000 each. The proceeds from the sales benefit charities who aim to reduce crime by supporting former criminals as they re-enter society.


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