8 things you may not know about Aman resorts the world’s most exclusive hotel brand

4. Amangiri (Utah) was built after the US President approved it
It’s seems unlikely that protected parklands would become home to a luxury resort, yet Aman made it happen. Amangiri is hidden away among the eroded rock canyons of the Southwest and offers views of the wilderness while keeping guests ensconced in luxury. Being a federal protected parkland a Presidential approval was required before work could commence on the site.

Aman Tokyo – Deluxe Room

3. They have the largest rooms in the industry
We’ve already mentioned that having fewer rooms and suites allows the resort to maximize the few that they do have. They believe in letting their guests spread out in uncluttered and minimalist rooms. Even the Aman Tokyo which has an above average number of rooms by Aman standards, boasts 700 square feet rooms which is much more floor space in comparison to what other luxury hotels in Tokyo can offer for their suites.

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

2. Aman lets their locations speak for themselves
Aman resorts are found in far flung locations which are not necessarily as easily accessible as other typical hotels. But this is no accident, the locations undergo considerable vetting and are usually chosen based on what they can offer the guest. It’s no coincidence that 10 out of 30 Aman resorts are located in or around UNESCO World Heritage sites. Some notable mentions are the Amanzoe which is located near a set of ancient Greek ruins, the Amansara which is near Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex, and the Amanwana which is the only resort on Moyo island – a nature and marine reserve to the east of Bali.

Amanjena, Marrakech
Amandayan, China
Amanjiwo, Indonesia
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1. Each Aman resort offers a unique experience
Since the resorts take their cues from the destination, each one offers an exclusive and distinct set of adventures and experiences. At the Amanyara in the Turks and Caicos, you can visit the on-site Nature Discovery Center where you can be a part of the Amanyara Sea Turtle Initiative or the Adopt-a-coral programme, both of which aim to protect marine life and ecosystems. Meanwhile the Amanbagh in Rajasthan, India offers guests private guided visits to historical temples, ruins and nearby villages as well as boat trips on a nearby lake. The list just goes on and on – At the Amansara in Siam Reap a Buddhist monk will offer a water blessing in a 12th century temple or experience opera in an exclusive box with private boat transfers at the Aman Venice

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