Here are the 10 most anticipated luxury hotel openings in Europe for 2015

9. Viceroy Bodrum, Turkey
Opening – Q4 2015
Bodrum, the southwestern city right on the Turkish Riviera and seasonal tourist destination in Turkey unlike the country’s capital Istanbul, will probably have an influx of visitors once the Viceroy Bodrum opens its doors in Q4 2015. The hotel will offer guests breath-taking views of the Koyunbaba Bay – its beaches and the Turquoise Coast. The Viceroy property is being built on a 32 acre estate to accommodate 84 guest rooms and 166 residences, and once completed will still have some characteristics of the original estate, like its cobbled paths. The residences will vary in size from 1-3 bedroom apartments to villas. Guests can spend their time either soaking up some Mediterranean sun by the infinity pool or at the private beach, or in doors getting their tensed body tended to at the spa. The estate will also cover a few dining options, to give guests an array of choices.

8. The Hoxton Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Opening – Q3-Q4 2015
The Hoxton brand of hotels is doing away with the old Rembrandt Classic Hotel to make way for a new classier and probably more luxurious one. The old building, which has been standing since the 17th century, was first a town house that was made up of 5 canal houses and inhabited the city’s Mayor. The hotel, situated at the canal bank and a short walk away from the city’ center, will have a total of 111 classy and modern rooms. The hotel is still undergoing its current restructuring and re-decorating projects which means guests will probably be able to make reservations only sometime in Q3-Q4 2015.

7. Swissotel Resort, Bordum
Opening – June 2015
Bodrum has another hotel opening for reservations from June 2015 onwards, and this site, like the other is also prime beach front property. The sound of the water lashing against the shore and deep blue hues will greet guests every morning while the rest of the day, can be spent in the main part of town, which is 20 km away from the hotel, discovering its heritage and culture. Water sports in the Turkish Riviera can be organized though the hotel itself claims to have its own spa & sports facility. The in-door and outdoor pools will be ideal for lounging around, so also the balconies that every room comes attached with. The hotel will house 66 rooms and suites and 72 serviced residences on the grounds along with a variety of restaurant options.

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