Here are the 10 most anticipated luxury hotel openings in Europe for 2015

The hotel industry has always been a booming one, and after covering the most anticipated luxury hotels opening in Asia, it was about time we covered the other continent and market for hotels that will debut this year. Most of the hotels we covered are finalized for openings this year and there are a few places that are already open to booking reservations for when they do start business. Most of the noteworthy upcoming hotels are somewhat on the offbeat tracks, close to major cities but not generally in the throes of it all; which if you ask us could be a good relaxing getaway – isn’t that what vacations are for? All the hotels that made it to this list meet a standard of luxury that would ensure that guests have a unique and fulfilling experience. We think it’s time to plan your 2015 travel calendar!

Some of the properties featured in our 2014’s most anticipated European hotel openings were delayed and rescheduled for this year, they have been not included in this list.

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10. The Serras, Spain
Opening – Early 2015
Barcelona is the central hub of tourists in Spain and could never fall short of luxury living spaces. The Serras is a boutique luxury hotel at Port Vell that overlooks the busy Mediterranean and is situated close to the cities attractions and beaches. The hotel has modern chic interiors and all their 28 guest rooms come with high tech amenities. The highlight of The Serras is their Michelin Star Chef Marc Gascons who mans the in-house rooftop restaurant and whips up Catalan meals for guests. The rooftop terrace is also where the guests can relax by the infinity pool, sip cocktails and lounge away their time. This building, though renovated now, is where revolutionary artist Pablo Picasso had his first studio and created the masterpiece Science and Charity. Guests will not have to wait any longer to make reservations at The Serras as the hotel opened for business early 2015.

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