San Alfonso del Mar welcomes you to the world’s largest swimming pool

And this is not any large swimming pool – an enormous 0.6-mile long pool covering an area of 19 acres, with a depth of 11 feet and holding 66 million gallons of water. San Alfonso del Mar is a resort located in Algarrobo, Chile, that holds the Guinness world record for the world’s largest pool. Crystal Lagoons have created the pool, and the waters have spectacular transparency with the intense turquoise color of tropical seas. The pool located just beyond the Chilean coast offers 78 degrees F waters throughout the year and is built at the cost of $3.5 million.

The resort that is just 55 miles from Chile’s Santiago city has created a unique private world for all family members to spend days full of enjoyment without ever leaving the resort. Every room at the resort has been constructed to offer panoramic views of the 1.2-mile Algarrobo beach with large balconies that face the sea.

You have an unrestricted view from the lagoon right to the sea, where you can see a bay full of multiple colored sailboats and the single breaking wave blue sea.

The two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments deliver superior quality and incomparable comfort that are not to be found in any other alternative in the second home market. The penthouse apartments offer duplex accommodations with 100 sq. feet balconies and open-air jacuzzis.

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Guests can make use of the optional maid service, an integral decoration service, a renting center for those who wish to rent their property with no personal involvement, and a permanent post-sale service are available, among many other attentions.

If you are an outdoor aficionado, you will find a ton of activities at the San Alfonso. With sports schools imparting training classes on sailing, kayak, scuba diving, swimming, ocean navigation, tennis, and paragliding, you can also have some fun in the artificially-lit five-a-side soccer courts, volleyball courts and tennis courts, a real statutory soccer field, and a gym that offers stunning views of the lagoon.

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If you are traveling with your children, the resort offers monitored playgrounds and entertainment activities. You can let your teenagers unwind at the tailor-made teenage spots like the Teen-Pub and SubTerra discotheque, were often music recitals and lived shows are featured. If you are looking for body therapies, you can stop by.

The Beach Club with spa lets you use the open-air jacuzzis, sauna, beauty parlor, and gym.

The San Alfonso facilities also include the exhibition and cultural activities room, the open-air amphitheater; the Spa; the supermarket, and the North Bay pub-restaurant with its own dock and a large terrace along the lagoon’s coastline.

Like the North Bay, the South Bay pub restaurant houses the SubAqua Café that holds Chile’s largest aquarium with a 25-feet viewing glass and over 60 Chilean aquamarine species.

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