Hospitality Biz – Upcoming and Ongoing Hospitality Projects

The hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds throughout India and investors are starting to recognize the positive trends for what they are. Keeping up with some of the latest news about upcoming and ongoing hospitality projects can be difficult with all that’s going on. Of particular interest are all of the new developments surrounding major metropolitan centers, like Dubai, as well as inside Dubai itself. The areas outside of Dubai hold slightly more interest, because they allow investors and developers to build new properties rather than improving or rebuilding existing structures, as would be required in much of Dubai. Here is some of the latest news for hospitality projects in India.

Trump is Looking for Hospitality Investments
One of the most recognized names in the real estate industry has his sights set on Mumbai right now. According to Bloomberg, Donald Trump is looking to develop Trump Tower Mumbai in The Park project in Worli. The entire development will top out at around 17.5 acres with a planned neighborhood that will include 104 mansions as well as an 18-hole golf course. The total build-out is expected to be finished in 2017. The development will require about $1 billion from investors to make the plans a reality. So far, the project already has a brand ambassador with Aishwarya Rai, a Bollywood actress sure to bring in the attention the development needs to go from a plan to a reality ahead of time. Trump will make a lot of money just by lending his name to the project, but early peeks at the plans for the development show that even without his name on the project, it will be a worthwhile investment for all investors looking to get a good return on an upcoming project. It definitely has all the hallmarks you would expect from anything with the Trump moniker attached to it. Luxury homes and accoutrements will be attached to the hospitality development in the works.

StayWell to Build Hotels
The Australian hospitality group, StayWell, will be building hotels throughout the country of India to be completed by 2015. The company operates under two different hotel names, according to Economic Times. Both Leisure Inn and Park Regis will be building a total of 18 hotels in the near future. This will add 1,500 hotel rooms to the area by the end of 2015. In addition to hospitality projects by Unitech Group, this will add a major boost to the economy. The plans will include building new hotels in Delhi and Ahmadabad. Of course, the hotel group is not expected to stop with just 18 new hotels. In fact, they’re planning on opening 50 more hotels before the end of 2020 to expand their reach into such Tier 2 cities as Raipur. Currently there are no big brands present in these types of locations, so the competition will be relatively light for such a recognized and established brand. According to the hotel group, they are planning four hotels to be built specifically in the NCR region.

Hilton Set to Build Thanks to Embassy Group
Hilton has been looking to build a luxury hotel in the area, and now with the help of the Embassy Group, the Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflink will be built, according The Economic Times. This will allow the hotel to develop a property that will boast 247 studios and suites as well as a dining venue and an outdoor swimming pool and spa. The fortune 500 company will bring in visitors as well as attention from the hospitality industry and will encourage more hospitality projects by Unitech Group in the area. Because Hilton is a destination hotel for many, as one of the most recognized brand names in the world, it will be easy to keep the rooms filled. With this being the second addition from Hilton in Bangalore, the area is developing quickly.

Four Seasons to Build Private Residences
The Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences is slated to be built in Delhi NCR thanks to a partnership with The 3C Company. The agreement is set for the next 25 years, but the plans are to finish the construction in the near future. Once finished, the new development will draw inspiration from Delhi’s rich heritage and bright future. The plans will include three adjoining towers. The towers will house the Private Residences as well as a sky bridge that will connect it to the hotel section. Also slated for the development are 5 commercial office towers as well as cafes, high end restaurants and luxury retail. The development is expected to become a focal point for the elite of the city. The Four Seasons is well-known for providing ultimate luxury for all their properties and this one is sure to provide the same results once finished.