Sabyasachi launches a luxurious line of wallpapers with Nilaya

Ace Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee is known for his beautiful printing and motifs! The man behind Bollywood’s greatest looks is bringing his style to the home decor with a new line of Wallpapers. Created in collaboration with Asian paints, the new Nilaya collection by Sabyasachi will take you back in a regal era.

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The Sabyasachi for Nilaya collection has several prints in each of the five stories of the collection, namely: India Baroque, Makhmal, Jodhpur, Spice Route and Varanasi. Each of these, have a unique story behind it. Spice Route is about Indian folklore, fables, the Jataka Tales, the Panchatantra; it’s for someone who uses a lot of Gujarati handcrafts in their home. Varanasi is inspired by the Varanasi brocades and their colours. Varanasi has a belt called peeli kothi, where all the saris are woven, so we wanted to introduce a bit of yellow in the collection. The last part of the story is Makhmal, which is velvet flocking. All old zamindar houses and nautch ghars used to have velvet because it was the fabric of royalty, so the collection is more opulent.

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These rich wallpapers are a perfect addition to your festivities. Nilaya is a line of Asian paints that will showcase highly curated designer collections, crossing over the boundaries of creativity. Sabyasachi for Nilaya will be one such venture.

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