Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai celebrates Curries of the World at Shamiana

‘Curries’ are a gourmet gift from India, to the world. The famous base has various avatars, and here is a way to experience the most delectable ones from across the world. The culinary experts of Shamiana at The Taj Mahal Palace brings to Mumbai the unique adaptations of curry from around the world.

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Shamiana has curated a special menu bringing together the innovative curries made using a complex combination of spices and herbs across the globe. From turcarri in Hindu culture to kari in Tamil, the savoury and spiced curry is celebrated by regions in its own variations and peculiarities. At this luxurious festival, you can experience diverse Indian curries. that are in sync with the local tastes.The menu also reveals curries from Cape Town, Spain, Africa, Portuguese, Brazil and many more. From the Japanese Mushroom and Tofu Curry to Caribbean shrimp and green pepper curry with apple Kuchela and Persian cuisine, Khoresht e Gheimeh; the festival boasts curries made using exotic spices and herbs.
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A part of one of the world’s oldest culinary traditions, curry is an absolute favourite of people dispersed over geographies. Unfold the myths of varied curry traditions at Shamiana, The Taj Mahal Palace between 24th June and 8th July.

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