The new trend of collecting extraordinarily large crystals

People are drawn to natural crystals for their myriad colors, shapes, and shades. However, many people are interested in crystals because they believe in their energizing, healing, calming, and other properties that can affect them emotionally and physically.

Some wear them as jewelry, while others buy loose crystals and put them in various areas of their homes. There are also users more inclined to purchase small pieces of naturally formed cluster crystals. One of the most popular would be the crystal tree of life decorative pieces that look like small trees made of twisted copper or gold wires with gemstone leaves, either using a single type of crystal or different complementary crystals.

A new and luxurious trend
Today, however, many wealthy people decorate their luxurious homes with huge crystal pieces. For example, a shop delivered a seven-foot-tall amethyst chair to its client. It weighed a ton and required five men to carry. Of course, the price is astronomical, too. For comparison, a beautifully-created crystal tree can cost less than US$50, and individual stones fashioned into rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets cost even less. On the other hand, a glittering crystal chair can fetch a $45,000 price tag.

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Crystals in various sizes and types have increased in popularity. Wealthy buyers are looking for one-of-a-kind showpieces such as large sliced slabs that can be turned into coffee tables and love seats, or displayed on pedestals and enhanced with dramatic lighting.

Almost like fine art pieces
Renowned mineral collectors say that the market for high-end crystals is almost like fine art since their scarcity drives the demand for more unique and spectacular pieces. Consequently, it forces the prices to increase. Still, knowledgeable buyers are aware of the attributes they look for in the crystals, such as flawlessness, transparency, and color, other than size.

Collectors, suppliers, and observers say that the pandemic induced the craze. Many affluent homeowners were stuck in their homes for more than a year and went for lavish home renovation and redecoration. As a result, they exhibited their desire for wellness by infusing their homes with healing energy. Even top luxury real estate agents believe in the power of crystals and may have influenced their wealthy clients. Some agents carry tourmalines to ward off negative energy while their offices are lavishly decorated with amethyst, rose quartz, and citrine.

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Status crystals
For the wealthy, the gemstones are now status crystals. They quickly turned into a coveted commodity among the wealthy collectors. As a result, affluent clients request interior designers to find enormous crystals and create ways to display them, requiring renovation in parts of their homes, as well as strengthening the foundation.

Aside from the massive geodes, many celebrities are into crystals, too. Singer Adele holds crystals to overcome her stage fright while performing. Naomi Campbell carries them when she travels. According to Katy Perry, rose quartz can definitely attract men. Miranda Kerr keeps a pink heart-shaped crystal on her nightstand, with several others in her purse and bathtub. Victoria Beckham’s line of wide-legged trousers even includes secret pockets for crystals.

It’s great to know that gemstones are getting more popular, but users should also keep in mind that their supply is finite. The high demand can spur scammers to flood the market with bogus items or illegally sourced ones. Therefore, buyers should deal only with reputable shops to ensure that the crystals they purchase are ethically mined.

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