A $90,000 crochet-covered apartment by New York based artist is not desirable

Do you remember the good old days when the internet was just a fantasy and computers looked like building blocks? How our mothers, aunts, grandmas, great aunts, sometimes us, sat making random crochet creations? Well, if nostalgia gets the better of you and you have always wanted to do something super-cool with it, then spike up! Olek, a Polish-born Brooklyn artist, was obsessed with crochet; she plastered her entire studio apartment with it, covering every last inch in bright, wacky yarn creations, from the shelves right down to the toilet seat. It is mostly made of red heart yarn. This apartment was created at the Christopher Henry Gallery for an exhibition called Knitting is for Pus****. It will run until May 28, and next year will go over to Smithsonian to travel 40 Under 40 show. You want this, huh? The installation is available for $90,000.

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