A list of Arab billionaires is unveiled by Forbes Middle East

The Arabs, with their expansive date tree fields and oil wells are quite popularly wealthy. However, considering the oil price hikes the last year alone, its little surprise when reports suggest that 36 Arab billionaires grew richer by $3.7 billion (Dh13.58 billion) at $121.3 billion (Dh445 billion) as compared to $117.6 billion in the previous year. The Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud continues to reign supreme with an $18 billion fortune, in spite of losing a bit wealth. Closing in on the list is Lebanese-Brazilian billionaire Joseph Safra who is worth $13.8 billion.

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In the latest Forbes Middle East’s Arab billionaires, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon saw the maximum number of billionaires at eight each. Egypt managed to bring forth seven billionaires, while UAE featured four. This year, Morocco made a grand entrance with three billionaires: Miloud Chaabi, Othman Benjelloun and Anas Sefrioui. Chaabi features on the 10th position, with a $2.9 billion fortune.
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