Apple’s feral cleaning instructions for Apple Card are funnier than the memes they’ve inspired

Apple loves what Apple makes; the people who use Apple products also love everything about it. The Apple card is another recent object of everyone’s affection and when it comes to you it brings happiness, contentment and a long, scratch that, a very long list of instructions clearly stating how to take care of this very, very, white, whiter-than-thou white finish. The sleek apple credit card is a status symbol and it needs to be cared for in ways no one could think of. Apple shared a new Apple Card support document, which covers proper cleaning and storage methods to maintain the card’s signature white finish. It begins with, Apple recommending gently wiping it with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. A soft microfiber cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol can also be used for stain removal. That’s not the crazy part, there’s one instruction that states, Apple Card should be stored in a wallet, pocket, or bag constructed from soft materials, and it should not touch another credit card because doing so could cause scratching.

There are a few more such instructions on how to take care of that latest hunk in your wallet that makes you a better being for having it and a whole lot of funny memes to tickle your funny bone if you’re irked by the cleaning and care sermons.


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