Blake Lively unveils the 2010 Swarovski Star for the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

Even as Swarovski is busy adorning other items, making them priceless and pretty, the company is not leaving its own interests far behind. For its annual event of crowning the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with a Swarovski Star, the company has added Actress Blake Lively to its already impressive line-up. And the special event called for some lavish dressing up too! For starters, Ms. Lively was spotted with the Bella Earrings and Nirvana Ring from Swarovski’s current holiday collection.

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Talking about the 2010 Swarovski Star’s 12 rays, the special star was set with 720 LED bulbs arranged on 3,000 feet of wire on a complicated computer programmed customized light sequencing. The effect has been accentuated with 25,000 crystals, with 1,000,000 facets, giving the Star a 9-1/2 feet inch diameter and a 1-1/2 feet depth.

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