Gangster Carl William laid to rest in a $30,000 bronze and 14-carat-gold coffin

Some folks are born to carry bling in their grave too. To be more precise, they are born to be carried in a blinged coffin for their funeral. Melbourne’s most notorious modern gangster, Carl William’s $30,000 bronze and a 14-carat-gold coffin, has surfaced to justify my statement. The Promethean Casket was made by the company’s US arm and imported to Australia. It was the same casket model used for the King of the Pop. Michael Jackson was carried in a solid bronze, 14k Gold plated casket worth $25,000. Also the $381,000 golden coffin that was equipped with a cell phone garnered attention at Verona Luxury Fair.

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Carl Williams was laid to rest 11 days after he was fatally bashed in jail. He was beaten to death with the stem of an exercise bike in the day room of his maximum-security unit at Barwon Prison, near Geelong, last week.

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