Ridiculously expensive Printer ink packaged like Chanel no. 5

Every time we run out of ink in our printers and refit it with new cartridges, what we’re doing is unknowingly buying one of the most expensive liquids on this earth. What’s obscured behind the plastic cubical body of the cartridge in fact costs almost $4,285 per liter. That is almost twice as much as the priciest perfume in the market. Just for this reason, Melbourne-based design student Celeste Watson thinks printer ink should be packaged like the most iconic luxury perfume, Chanel No. 5. Watson has come up with a concept packaging that rebrands the printer ink with its packaging that features a white box with colored borders and clean and simple font types and the ink stored in Sephora-style clear glass vial, similar to Chanel No. 5.

“This project aims to resolve the current discrepancy between the price of the product and its packaging. Printer ink costs 1000x more per liter than beer, so let’s lower that price or gussy up that packaging or get some free Sephora-style samples going or something,” explained Watson. The back of the box features some intriguing yet laughable details about the product warning consumers about what’s inside. The yellow ink box points out that HP will put less ink in the cartridges of colors consumers use more while the details on the blue one reads “There’s a lot of technology in ink. It’s more than colored water.” It can be best described as pun at its best! Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt have featured in ads for Chanel No. 5, who do you think should feature in an advertisement for the HP ink packaged like the luxury perfume?






[Via – Behance]

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