Icelandic designer creates innovative flotation caps and armbands for soaking in hot springs

A Reykjavik designer Unnur Valdis Kristjansdottir has created a set of flotation devices to keep the user’s body just below the surface of water while in the hot springs that are abundant in Iceland. He has designed a swimming cap that snugly fits around the head and a series of wide straps that can be wrapped around limbs in different configurations. Called “Float”, the products are made from moulded polyethylene foam, which is a buoyant material tha has been covered with neoprene and lycra fabric.

flotation-cap-armband-2These products were launched in a Reykjavik swimming pool during the Design March festival where bathers floated in the pool against a backdrop of brightly coloured projections. Using a combination of material weight and placement, the floats are designed to keep the body completely submerged in the water to ensure that the user remain warm in Iceland’s thermal baths which are filled with volcanically heated water.

flotation-cap-armband-3Inspired by Iceland’s bathing culture and made to add a new dimension to the water experience is how the designer came up with this great idea. He claims that the floating helps to promote a sense of peace and calm and relaxes the mind and body to another level.



[Via – Dezeen]