Life size Iron Man Collectible available for $8,500

Have you dreamt of possessing Tony Stark’s ultra-sleek Iron Man suit? Sideshow Collectibles has introduced a 7 feet tall, life-size stunning high-gloss automotive-painted replica of the armor worn by Tony Stark in the upcoming Iron Man 3. The Iron Man Mark 42, though the suit is not wearable, it definitely lets you enjoy LED light-up eyes, arc reactor, palm repulser, and display base.

The figurines need to be ordered with a non-refundable deposit of $1,700 paid in advance. The suit will be delivered in three cartons (After all its Life size) and just like in the movies, it would need some assembling. Do not expect it to snap together automatically though.

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The real version probably cost Stark half a billion to build, but this massive collectible figurine is sure to be the centerpiece of your collector’s display and is a great bargain with a price tag of $8,500.

[Available at Sideshowtoy Via Cnet]

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