Mont Blanc Meisterstuck L’Aubrac Artisan Edition unveiled

German maison MontBlanc is known for their exceptionally crafted writing instruments that often land up in affluent households as a birthday gift or farewell gift. The latest collection from the brand is named Montblanc Masters for Meisterstuck L’Aubrac and we introduce you to two new instruments- Atelier Prive Edition and Masters for Meisterstuck L’Aubrac Artisan Edition. The writing instruments that are crafted in the L’Aubrac region of southern France are a tribute to the excellence of Forge de Laguiole knives.

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The Masters for Meisterstuck L’Aubrac Artisan Edition is created from Brazilian precious wood, enhanced by finely chiseled 18-carat white gold inlays that pay tribute to the traditional craft techniques. The pen is completed by an 18-carat gold nib and a Montblanc Diamond on the cap. Only 50 pieces of the instrument will ever be made and each one of them is priced at $27,300.
The Atelier Prive Edition is a fine crafted instrument interpreted in ebony wood and intricately carved in a three-dimensional pineapple pattern. It is fashioned in a traditional Laguiole motif and each facet is then set with a brilliant diamond. The Atelier Prive Edition production is limited to only 8 pieces in the world and each of them is priced at $68,250.

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