Montegrappa’s 2010 Bruce Lee fountain pen to go on sale at Bonhams

Bonhams is looking forward to its Fine Writing Instruments auction, which will be held in San Francisco on 11 June 2013. The sale boasts an impressive array of pens, a true collector’s delight. The highlight of the showcase is The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee Fountain pen which is a part of the Montegrappa’s Icons series. In honor of the legend, Bruce Lee, 88 of these 18-carat yellow gold pens was created. The pen features cinnamon-veined red celluloid, a solid 18-carat yellow gold dragon overlay, ruby eyes, and a Yin-Yang cap-top emblem. Its medium 18-carat gold nib is engraved with a silhouette of Bruce Lee in action.

In 2010, the legendary martial art instructor and actor completed the 70th Anniversary of his birth. Montegrappa is known for creating pens in tribute to icons, chose this moment to pay homage by creating a kick-ass pen befitting the actor. The pen is estimated to rack up $30,000-50,000 at the auction.

[Via – Bonhams]