Parents can now own gold plated 3D printed models of their unborn kids!

A Russian company called Embro 3D is offering expecting parents a way to treasure their children forever. The company will create a plastic 3D printed model of the fetus that’s still inside its mother. In fact, they’ll go one step further and cover a plaster version of the model with precious metals like gold or silver.

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3D printing of model fetuses is achieved using ultrasound scans and this technology was originally used to help spot birth defects in the unborn child, but it seems like companies are taking advantage of the demand to create gold plated models which parents can hold onto forever. It might sound strange, but you would be surprised at the number of facilities that offer this service.

Would you want a gold version of your unborn child to admire forever? Some might be tempted to have this reminder of a time when their kids were tiny and harmless (especially in the teenage years!) but if you do choose this route, please keep those golden babies hidden away in a private room. It’s not that babies are creepy, but unmoving gold plated models of fetuses are probably going to be a deal breaker for your dinner party guests.


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