The best of Luxpresso : Barbie’s wardrobe, Batman’s Batpod, New York mansion, travel guide to Munich and shopping in London, sapphire jewellery, yachts and more

From Barbie’s wardrobe to Batman’s Batpod to a mansion in NYC to travelling in Munich and shopping in London to
sapphire jewellery we bring you the week that was at Luxpresso
Barbie’s spectacular designer wardrobe
From a pretty pink doll for children to a fashion diva donning the latest style, the humble Barbie from Mattel has come a long way; what with internationally acclaimed designers wanting to dress the foot-tall doll in bespoke outfits and accessories.

Quirky shoe designer Charlotte Olympia is the latest one to join the list of couturiers. Dressed by designers for almost five decades now, Barbie has worked with more fashion designers than almost any brand or model in the world. She has been the inspiration for over 150 designers and has worn over 75 of their pieces.

Live the Superhero life with Batman’s Batpod
The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises have enamored Batman fans as well as film enthusiasts across the globe. Almost everyone was left captivated by the ultra suave Batpod, the two-wheeler that the superhero drove to chase bad guys. And now, the legendary bike is up for sale!

Modern NYC Lake House up for $5 million
Listed for $5 million with real estate agents Houlihan Lawrence, this 225-acre New York property is up for sale. Designed to combine luxury, solitude and nature under one roof, this modernist lake house is situated on the 635 Byram Lake Road in the city’s Bedford town. The estate is a hub of smart technology and luxurious amenities and nestled in the cradle of lush greens ; everything a billionaire needs in the ultimate vacation home.

The Superyacht Cloudbreak s made for Globetrotters
German yacht builder Abeking and Rasmussen’s latest superyacht, Cloudbreak, has been in the news since its announcement. Although unveiled earlier this year, very few have got the privilege to take a tour of this extravagant yachting magnificence as the makers remained tight lipped about the progress and happenings.
Currently, on its maiden voyage across the most exotic and exciting locations of British Columbia, the yacht is finally out there for the world to witness.

The ultimate guide to Munich
Apart from the launch of the iPhone 7, the elite millennial are also gearing up for the annual Bavarian beer and music fest held in Munich, called Oktoberfest. Slated to take place from September 17, 2016, until October 3, 2016, the month-long festival witnesses people from all over the world travelling to the German city to experience its unique beer staycations.

There is more to Munich than just guzzling down liters of signature handcrafted German beer and binging on pretzels and Bavarian food. Listing down unique experiences, we have chalked out the ultimate autumn itinerary for luxury travelers; it includes exploring castles, organic market excursions, exclusive staycations and drool-worthy Michelin food dates.

September birthstone – diamond studded sapphire neckpieces
Apart from ringing in Indian festivities, September also celebrates the immaculate beauty of sapphire gemstone this year. Ideally blue, the stone also comes in stunning pop colours like pink, yellow and green.

Symbolizing purity and channeling uniqueness, here’s a roll-out of stunning sapphire neckpieces to add to your jewel-studded collection. Stunning pieces from Chopard, Discolor, Hazoorilal Legacy, Ghanasingh Be True, Jaipur Jewels, Piaget, House of Rose will take your breath away.

Elite retail therapy in London
From the bustling Trafalgar Square to the peaceful Thames River and Big Ben, like many others, London has always fascinated one and all. It has something for almost everyone in terms of fashion, you can find designer labels, bespoke boutiques, and quirky, imperial-style items here. Everyone’s favorite activities when in the city is to indulge in some retail therapy.

Selfridges, Harrods, LN-CC, & Other Stories, Lock & Co Hatters, Darkroom, Floris, and House of Hackney are some of the best shopping destinations in the city and key hotspots to get your hands on a few of the finest, most opulent items in the world.