The AquaClimb wall rises from the waters

I take to the waters but my hubby is a bona fide cliffhanger. Our leisure activity time always ended up with either of us frowning…..until I found this AquaClimb. We now spend our fun time together as AquaClimb is a unique aquatic activity that blends fun with water (my desire), fitness, self-expression, and my husband’s inner desire to climb! It actually renders rock-climbing in the pool. You can get these things in a wide range of sizes, which is limited by the depth of your pool. The panels are designed with a gently textured no-slip surface giving climber just what they need. These systems can be designed as permanent or portable fixtures. AquaClimb gives you a thrilling challenge that makes you want to go again and again.

If the Aquaclimb wasn’t tagged at $10,500, I’d bet a lot of people would buy one. But it is, and that’s only the starting price! Well, it’s the price I paid to indulge in OUR hobbies together!

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