Lamborghini wants you to set faster lap times on race tracks with the help of this experimental 5G telemetry system that even gives real-time track driving lessons

Lamborghini has showcased an innovative track connectivity system concept at this year’s CES that offers tools to improve your driving performance on race tracks. Called Telemetry X, the experimental system is being billed by the Italian manufacturer as a “preview of the connected services our customers will be able to experience in the coming years.” The system leverages three technologies to provide drivers with an immersive track driving experience and help them set faster lap times. Building on Lamborghini’s currently available telemetry system, the three cutting-edge technologies Telemetry X utilizes are a digital co-pilot, a biometric data system, and a remote coaching function known as real-time remote garage.

Starting with the Digital Co-Pilot, Lamborghini describes the system as a “proactive voice assistant that compares both biometric and vehicle data to give feedback to the pilot while driving on the track.” According to the Italian automaker, the feature will be capable of analyzing lap times and even offer pointers on the ideal racing line and even the optimum braking points.

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The Biometric Data System, on the other hand, is basically a monitoring system that constantly collects information like the heart rate and stress levels of the driver. Finally, Remote Garage is a telemetry system that records driving and performance data along with track footage and uploads it on the internet in real-time using 5G technology. An expert can view them and offer feedback to the driver to improve lap times.

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Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Rouven Mohr said: “Telemetry X is a clear demonstration of how experience gained in motorsport can find applications for road-going super sports cars, with the aim of maximizing our customers’ experience on the track as well. It’s no coincidence that we chose the Revuelto as the test bed for this technological demonstrator, a car that is totally unique precisely because of the introduction of breakthrough technologies.” While Lamborghini stressed the fact that the system is in its prototype stage, it also gave hints that Telemetry X could be a part of production models soon in the future.

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