2013 Master Maserati courses deliver driving and luxury experiences

As children, little boys sleep in race car-shaped beds, drive their mini Maserati’s across living room floors, and dream of the day they will own and drive an actual Maserati. It is every little boy’s dream to be a racecar driver, to experience the kind of thrill only speed can give you. The Master Maserati driving courses now allow men to actualize those childish dreams. The year 2013 will take place at the customized Circuit Varano de’ Melegari in Parma, Italy. Each course has a limited number of seats so that each student gets specialized attention. Of the courses on offer, these two are the most exclusive driving and luxury experiences that feature the thrill of the racetrack, a shopping spree, and a tour of Italy’s most beautiful cities of art.

The Maserati Master High Performance

This program is limited to participants who have previously participated in GT programs. This is an additional course like getting your master’s after having already received a bachelor’s degree. The course is mainly oriented towards drivers interested in competitive circuit driving. The course duration is 2 days at the Autodrome, with participants limited to 24 per course. The participants will then be further subdivided into 3 or 4 groups of 6 to 8 participants each. For the driver, the program includes 2 days on the track, insurance, 2 lunches at the circuit, an open bar, and Maserati gifts for $5,643. For a companion, the cost is $470 and includes insurance, access to the circuit, participation in dynamic activities, lunches at the circuit, an open bar, and a Maserati Gift.

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The same program is available with accommodation in the superior room at the Hotel Parma & Congressi and includes transportation to and from the circuit. Including accommodation, the package costs $6,100 for the driver and $925 for the companion.

Maserati Master Italian Lifestyle Experience

This program is dedicated to couples that share a love for the spellbinding beauty of Italy and the thrill of the racetrack. Included in this package, along with a racing experience, are a shopping spree and a tour of Italy’s most beautiful cities. The course has been specifically designed to please both the driver and his or her companion. Taking place in two cities, Florence and Parma, this trip will be filled with the best of Italy, fine dining, fast cars, fashion, and art. On the second day, the participants will enjoy a tour of the Chianti region of Tuscany and a tour of Florence’s old town and museums.

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The duration of the course is two days and is limited to 18 – 24 participants. The cost for this program is $6,555 for the driver and $1,730 for the companion. It includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, museum entry charges, and guided tour charges.

Registration for the programs must be completed by March 1st and can be done either online or by fax.

Last year Ferrari had rolled out “Pilota on Ice” driving program for its US customer base to experience a two-day driving course in Aspen, Colorado on a specially crafted Ferrari FF.


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