A well-equipped kitchen, lavish bedroom, and a living area with a home theater system – The 2022 Newmar Ventana luxury motorhome is perfect for a winter road trip with the entire family.

If you’re in the market looking for a luxury motorhome, you might want to have a look at the 2022 Ventana. Newmar has been hand-building its luxury line of motor coaches for over half a century and is well-known in the industry. The 2022 Ventana diesel motor coach perfectly represents Newmar’s rich experience and is a great option for those looking for luxurious features and amenities without breaking the bank. Newmar has several different options for its full-paint Masterpiece Finish, which in combination with unique graphics treatment on offer will help you personalize the motor home according to your own taste.

The company has eleven unique floor plans on offer for the 2022 Ventana, with sizes ranging from 34 to 43 feet in length. This gives the buyer to select the exact layout according to their needs. Additionally, Newmar also offers a choice between a Freightliner or a Spartan chassis. The cabin is also fully customizable with a choice between three color palettes and four cabinetry stains. Some of the standard amenities include a retractable Samsung 4K TV with a Bose soundbar, JBL sound system and subwoofer in the cockpit, and remote-controlled awnings.

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The kitchen is one of the highlights of the 2022 Ventana RV with the company calling it “fabulously well-appointed.” It comes equipped with a brushed aluminum refrigerator, convection stainless steel microwave, and three burner gas cooktop as standard features. However, the buyers can customize it by selecting from several refrigerator options and adding things like a flush-mount induction cooktop, and a dishwasher. What’s new on the 2022 Ventana is Comfort Drive, an intelligent steering system that makes maneuvering the RV easy and comfortable. It also gets Passive Steer technology, which is basically rear-wheel steering for a better driving experience. Pricing for the 2022 Ventana diesel motor coach starts at around $340,000. There’s also a 40-minute video that will walk you through all the features in detail.

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