An anonymous Middle Eastern Royal has shelled out $26 million for a private London carpark

Designer clothes and cars come easy to those with money, but there’s one commodity that’s rare even in the most elevated circles, parking space. That’s right, your Mercedes doesn’t mean much unless you have the space to park it in, and in crowded London that space is not easy to come by. But one Middle Eastern Royal isn’t letting money get between him and his precious parking spot. The anonymous royal has shelled out £21 million ($26.5 million) for his own private carpark in Central London.

‘That’s a bit excessive’ you may think, not for this dude. He owns a fleet of cars, 80 to be precise, consisting of both sportscars and classic rides and the once public car park was upgraded to be a fitting home for the collection. Some of these upgrades are extra-wide parking bays, licence-plate recognition technology upon entry, and of course, CCTV.

The sum of £21 million is now the most that anyone has ever paid for parking in the UK, but even so, the buyer may have scored himself a steal of a deal. “The value of his collection is significantly higher than the price he has paid for the parking,” said a spokesperson for Waterbridge, the firm that previously managed the car park.


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