Mercedes’ Desgino Manufaktur program replenishes the fading glory of the G Wagons

We spoke about the bespoke Mercedes customization program called Designo Manufaktur, just the other day. The program enables prospective buyers to customize a number of aspects of Mercedes cars so as to create a personalized experience. While the program has only just started, the company has leveraged the popularity of the G Wagon to use as a pilot. It comes to pass that the aging vehicle that was gradually being perceived as a has-been off-road champion will now receive a breath of fresh air with a special hand finish, thanks to Designo Manufaktur.

mercedez 2
This definitely settles the debate between fans of the Land Rover Defender and those of the G Wagon. The former will be retiring anytime now while the customization program breathes in fresh air into the lungs of the classic Mercedes SUV. In fact, this is a great opportunity for Defender loyalists to switch to a more efficient and luxurious cruising companion.

Users can now coat their G Wagons in solid, metallic, matte or even pearlescent finishes and choose their preference of alloy wheels and trim pieces in materials ranging from matte to carbon fiber.

[ Via : Luxuo ]

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