Woman gets into the most expensive fender bender by backing her Mercedes into a Ferrari

I never thought I would say this on public domain, or ever in my vocabulary, but – LOL. I mean, what kind of a nincompoop would try to park into a spot in a classic car, and end up running over a classier car?! Alright so women drivers can’t drive, but this is way out of league even for us fairer genders. A woman reversed her Mercedes 380SL convertible onto the bonnet of a Ferrari 458 Speciale. That is, a $60,000 slam-dunks a $300,000 – and like social media tags this – it is warfare! The feud of the new, upper middle class versus the upper class.

Oh, the comedy in this tragedy is not going to settle anytime soon. Wonder what the insurance was like. Wonder who this lady is. Wonder how the Ferrari owner reacted? This took place in Great Falls Virginia.

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[ Via : Telegraph ]

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