Segway’s new egg-shaped chair literally takes you places

At the CES 2020 expo Segway, the company knows for its two-wheeled self-balancing scooters has unveiled the S-Pod which is more like a wheelchair and a rather comfortable one which is designed to be used in airports, theme parks, campuses and maybe even museums. The S-Pod which is inspired by the gyrosphere from Jurassic World has a joystick controller for navigation. The chair uses Segway’s self-balancing technology to maintain the level of the pod and also change the direction when needed. The pod also automatically stops when it detects aa change in the center of gravity thus preventing it from tipping over.

Segway says the S-Pod can climb on angles up to 10 degrees, it has a range of 43 miles and aa top speed of 23 miles. While pricing is not known the S-Pod will be available for purchase towards the end of this year.

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[Via: The Verge]