Tesla Motor’s Model S electric sedan hits the roads for $50,000

Tesla Motors has finally unveiled Model S in Hawthorne, California. The Model S has been kept under wraps, and there’s been absolutely no information leaked about it before today. It was easy for them to hold all information on the car as it was being designed at a high-security rocket facility. Firstly, the car looks great; the interior and exterior are both hot. For those who don’t know, the Tesla S is the first mass-produced highway-capable electric car. There will be 20,000 units produced annually by the end of the first year, and the Model S will start its price tag at about $49,000. For this amount, you will get the 160-mile range pack, but a 230-mile range pack and a 300-mile range pack are also on the cards. The car can fit seven people, and there’s ample room for luggage. There are some nice dashboard screens here, and the main one is fully 3G and Internet-capable. The car can be recharged in 4 hours with a 220V outlet. Also, the standard S will get to 60 in 5.5 to 6.0 seconds.

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The warranty is supposed to be 3-4 years for the car and 7-10 years for the battery pack. These are the main features. There’s one big problem, though, that the car doesn’t go into production until 2011.

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