Tesla’s Supercharger valet service brings luxury to green-driving

Tesla’s range of cars are growing in popularity and with more innovative facilities to improve the formerly cumbersome experience of driving electric cars there’s room for exclusive goodies as well. The company has recently seen a high demand of Superchargers, which is expected to steadily increase with the growing number of cars. Remedying this solution isn’t a quick-fix but Tesla has done something to sweeten the proposition of charging, making it a lot less uncomfortable that it presently is

The all new Supercharger valet service will make waiting for a charging spot a less uncomfortable activity. The company has put out job listings for Charging Experience Specialists. The job of these valets will be to take charge of vehicles that need to be charged and ensure that the owners have the assurance of receiving their cars all charged up after a stipulated time without leaving their areas of comfort. Drivers are receiving support at certain Superchargers around California already.

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The experience doesn’t end there. The valet/concierge service will also offer more benefits as mentioned in the job listing, including “managing onsite customer demand, understanding customer feedback, conducting field research, and educating customers on products and services, including optimal charging options.”

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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