World’s third largest luxury yacht is shaping up for the British Royal Family

The Queen of England and the British Royal Family could soon be busy donning on their sailing wear as they prepare to step on to their new sea-faring vessel, codenamed the FSP21 (Future Ship Project 21st Century). As part of a project to build the yacht, which when completed will be the 3rd largest yacht on the surface of the earth, private and corporate sources will pool in the dough to build this $125 million vessel, so taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief.

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The yacht, measuring a whole 515 feet in length, will be put to service in place of the 1953-built Royal Brittania yacht which was finally retired in 1997. Also, this yacht will use solar energy as well as an auxiliary diesel electric power plant and will touch speeds of up to 20 knots. And if all goes well, we might soon have the British Royal Family setting sail!

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