To keep superyachts and ships safe and sound Dubai has opened the world’s first sustainable sea-based mobile floating fire station

Via Twitter / @DXBMediaOffice

Swift, sustainable, and responsive, a new mobile fire station in Dubai is breaking ground while floating in the sea. The sea-based fire station aims to cut response times to four minutes. The Civil Defence’s floating structure can accommodate 16 officers and reach speeds of up to 11 mph. Not only is it ultra-rapid in case of accidents and emergencies, but it also aims to be 70 percent more cost-effective. The world’s first sustainable and environmentally friendly fire station can be seen in action in a post on X by the Dubai Media Office.

It shows the able team in action, making the most of the flexible nature of their station and swiftly responding to emergencies across Dubai’s vast maritime landscape. This mobility and timely responses can ensure the safety of lives at sea and assets owing to an agile and responsive team.

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Via Twitter / @DXBMediaOffice

The inauguration of this station not only demonstrates our dedication to generating innovative safety solutions but also aligns with our commitment to contributing to enhancing Dubai’s overall infrastructure and services,” said Lieutenant General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, director-general of Dubai Civil Defence, per The National News.

Via Twitter / @DXBMediaOffice

He added that it would significantly improve Dubai’s responsiveness to accidents at sea. It should be noted that while they are placing safety on a pedestal, they are doing so by setting the right examples in sustainability and upholding Dubai’s dedication to environmental consciousness. The sea-based fire station minimizes environmental impact as it is made of eco-friendly materials and utilizes energy-efficient systems.

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