Your move Dubai – Saudi Arabia is converting an oil rig into a 1.6million sq. ft floating amusement park that will have daring rides, massive hotels, restaurants, helipads, extreme sports, and more.

It’s not easy to beat Dubai when it comes to mind-blowing attractions, but Saudi Arabia looks well on its way to accomplishing this impossible task. With an ‘Extreme park’ in the pipeline (since theme parks are passé and found in Dubai), the Middle Eastern country has ambitious plans to convert an oil rig into a 150,000 square meter park and resort located in the Arabian Gulf. Who could’ve imagined a 1.6 million sq. ft. floating theme park on an oil rig? It will be complete with hotels, restaurants and thrilling rollercoasters, extreme sports, and waterslides. Aptly called ‘The Rig,’ this mammoth project will include three hotels, a total of 11 restaurants, several swimming pools, a Ferris wheel that will be the cherry on the cake, and white-knuckle rides high above the glittering Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) will bank this outrageously unique theme park for $415 million. It will be a heavy contributor to Saudi Arabia’s 2030 strategy to become a significant tourist destination. Amazingly, all three 800-room hotels, restaurants will be connected by walkways to make the most of the location. The rich country keeps the likes of the affluent travelers in mind and offers world-class luxury services like arrival by helicopter and a 50-seat superyacht marina. Dailymail shared a statement from the PIF, ‘This project is a unique tourism attraction, expected to attract tourists from around the world. The Rig will feature several touristic attractions, including three hotels, world-class restaurants, helipads, and a range of adventurous activities, including extreme sports.’

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While Saudi Arabia is visited by millions every year by pilgrims, it aims to reinvent itself as a happening tourist destination. Saudi is aiming to attract 100 million tourists each year by 2030, and several projects are coming up to make this dream come true. For one, Saudi Arabia is building a futuristic and ultra-luxurious airport inspired by the desert. Then there is the stunning ring-shaped hotel on stilts and another humongous eco-friendly luxury destination featuring 50 resorts, 22 islands, golf courses and more.

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