Would you like to enjoy a rock show with sharks, paddleboard with corgis or hike with penguins? Check out Airbnb Animal Experiences to make it happen

Animal lovers really need to read this. If your love for animals goes beyond petting your dog or admiring your grandmother’s goldfish or hitting ‘like’ on your besties cat posts on Instagram, make the most of it with a lot of help from Airbnb and its newest feature. Airbnb Animal Experiences as it is called will forever change the way the world deals with animals. If there is a world where you can co-exist with animals to enjoy their existence, attributes and nature, it surely didn’t exist before Airbnb Animal Experiences happened. Now no less than a 1,000 experiences co-hosted by over 300 species and their human advocates make it possible to observe them, play with them and most importantly care for them. From spotting animals in the wild and in the waters to doing yoga with goats or hiking with penguins, the world just got a whole lot better and full of life for both animals and humans.

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Kudos to Airbnb for vowing to not work with tour operators that offer elephant rides, big cat interactions or showcase animals performing for entertainment, as part of its vow to encourage responsible, ethical animal tourism. Also to ensure the welfare of the animals involved, Airbnb has launched a new animal welfare policy, in collaboration with World Animal Protection.

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