Hermann Grieb / Benzinger Vacheron Constantin 1 of 1

If you don’t know what a mechanical watch is, chances are that you either don’t wear a watch or that your watch is quartz. At least I know that mine isn’t. Anyways let’s talk about the latest timepiece from Hermann Grieb /Jochen Benzinger. The German team of Hermann Grieb and Jochen Benzinger are pleased to announce the latest release in their series of unique pieces, this time featuring a fully restored Vacheron Constantin movement with a unique complication to regulate the release of energy from the mainspring. Vacheron Constantin with unique power regulation is limited to one piece.

All movement parts have been completely engraved and decorated by hand, using machines that date back 100 years. Jochen Benzinger is considered one of the best talents for engraving, engine turning, and skeletonization. WatchBuys is the exclusive agent for watches created by Hermann Grieb and Jochen Benzinger.” You can avail one of one for $15,660.

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