Forbes to pay $4000 to Russia’s richest woman

Forbes is perhaps best-known for its many periodic lists of net worth. As it often takes considerable detective work to determine the actual wealth of an individual, Forbes’ figures are widely cited as nearly-definitive. But this time I guess it has blundered and has been acquitted by Russian law. Believe it or not…..Forbes has been ordered by the Moscow court to actually pay compensation to Russia’s richest woman, Yelena Baturina as defamation charges. The baroness has won a court action for self-insult against the business magazine, Forbes. Construction tycoon Baturina has an estimated fortune of $1.1 billion and is married to Moscow’s powerful mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, and also runs a big construction company. God knows what prompted the folks at Forbes to write a story on her citing that Baturina was reorganizing her businesses in preparation for her husband’s retirement. Baturina, her company, and her husband have always rejected suggestions that her businesses have benefited from Luzhkov’s influence.

$4,000 is what Forbes needs to pay for hurting the lady’s sentiments. Please tread cautiously next time guys!

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