Tiret Usher watch exclusively customized for Usher

Celebrities are like King Midas. They only have to wish for something and woosh! It happens. A classic example of the same is Usher. The hip-hop artist is a well-known watch collector and loves to flaunt a showy piece every time he makes a grand entrance. So what does Usher do for being exclusive every time? He either collects or commissions watches, just like this one from Tiret. Hip-hop musical artist Usher commissioned a special one of a kind watch from a New York-based jeweler and watched maker recently, and the result, this brand new bling-full Tiret. The Usher watch has an oblong oval-shaped case with a self-portrait in diamonds on the dial. Containing two Swiss ETA chronograph quartz movements, the watch technically can tell the time in two places.

Made of all-natural stones, the watch features almost 10 carats of white and yellow diamonds and 1106 stones all over the watch. And just for the blatant use of diamonds, the wristy was recently featured in a diamond exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London, among others. The other USP of the watch is that it is an interesting look into Usher’s life and at the types of products that Tiret makes. Usher paid a cool $250,000 for the bespoke watch, which comes in a box that doubles as a humidor for 78 cigars.
Talk about being privilege and exclusive!

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