Christie’s is auctioning 101 rare Cartier clocks – Here are our three favourite picks

Christies 101 Cartier Clocks auction.

Mark your calendars, readers! On the 1st of July at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, a very iconic moment will occur. Christie’s Geneva will be presenting a unique collection of 101 Cartier Clocks spanning more than 80 years of clockmaking at Cartier. It’s time to celebrate the time and what better than Cartier and its impressive horological pieces to do so? While Cartier has given the world some very exclusive pieces of jewelry and watches, the latter has always been something for connoisseurs who have an eye for clockmaking that doubles as decorative arts. The pre-sale estimate for the entire collection is $ 4 million to $5.8 million with individual sales expected to start at $ 8,500. Christie’s upcoming auction of 101 Cartier clocks includes several genres of clockmaking including the mesmerizing mystery clocks. Listed below are the three most iconic Cartier Clocks that stand out and deserve a special mention:

3.Art Deco Mother-Of-Pearl, Enamel, Turquoise, Moonstone, And Diamond Desk Clock
The early 1900s saw Cartier deliver lavish and elaborate timepieces. A number of these pieces were heavily inspired by the design-rich Asian architecture and design motifs leaving them with spellbinding detail. This oriental-enamel clock signed “Cartier Paris Londres” no. 2027, is one of Cartier’s most complex and elaborate timepieces from that era as it personifies the technique known as laque burgauté. The technique involves decorating enamelware with insets made of the polished blue-green shell of marine snails of the genus Haliotis. Roman numerals, turquoise cabochons set off by rose-cut diamonds, cabochon moonstones, delicately rest on the mother-of-pearl panels. The estimated price for the timepiece is $130,000-190,000.

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2.Rare Early 20th Century Glass, Silver, And Enamel Urn Clock
This thing of beauty is the perfect example of the French brand’s innovative and painstakingly intricate approach to clockmaking. We can’t take our eyes off this early 20th century deep blue opaline glass, silver, and enamel urn clock. Cartier’s urn clock gained popularity for its unique time-telling way. This particular clock is signed “Cartier Paris” with a movement by Prévost. It is estimated to go under the hammer for $84,000-130,000.

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1.Planet ‘Semi-Mystery Day’ And Night Desk Clock
Maurice Couét is responsible for many of Cartier’s great Art Deco clocks but the .Planet ‘Semi-Mystery Day’ And Night Desk Clock stands out as one of the finest. This comet-clock uses the heavenly bodies of the moon and sun to represent the hour hand. Some even call it a “semi-mystery” clock. The beautiful pale blue enamel over guilloché dial is inscribed in Latin and reads, “I do not count the hours if they are not brilliant,”. The estimate on this is $150,000-210,000.

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