$75,000 special edition Sachin Tendulkar book features a page made from the cricketer’s blood

Like every cricket lover, I too am a fan of the Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar. The great Indian batsmen who has to his credit several records, is a living legend and icon of many. Die-hard fans of this cricketing legend love to collect each and every memorabilia related to the star. So when a limited edition book, the Tendulkar Opus, about the master blaster was announced and said to feature a page made from paper pulp that includes the master batsman’s blood, there was no doubt that it would be usurped in a jiffy. Yes, ten diehard
fans have actually preordered the $75,000 special edition book that contains a page made from the cricketer’s blood. According to the publishing firm, Kraken Media who came up with this idea, this red raisin colored page allows fans to get as close as possible to their idol. The book is sure to become the crowning jewel of any Sachin Tendulkar collection, given that it boasts of 852 pages, weighs a cool 37 kgs and is edged in gold leaf! Slated to be published in February to coincide with the World Cup in India, the book will feature never before seen pictures of the legend and his family. All proceeds from the sale of this special edition book will go towards Tendulkar’s charitable foundation to help build a school in Mumbai.

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The publishers have also announced that 1000 copies of the “regular” edition of the book will be published. This regular edition will be signed by Tendulkar and include a DNA map, but no blood page and boast of price tag of around $2000 – $3000.