This $60,000 Ferrari Art Edition book has its own sculptural bookstand that looks like a Ferrari V12 engine with a beautiful chrome exhaust system

Back in 2018, we had come across one of the coolest automotive-themed coffee table books that came with its own sculptural stand designed to look like a classic V12 Ferrari engine. We are talking about the $60,000 Ferrari book that’s written by motoring journalist and Ferrari expert Giuseppe Allievi, and published by Taschen. Conceived and created in collaboration with Ferrari, the opus spanning 514 pages captures the history of the iconic Italian marque with the help of hundreds of previously unseen photographs and documents from Ferrari’s own archives. The book was launched in two versions: a $6,000 regular Collector’s Edition limited to 1697 examples; a more opulent $60,000 Art Edition limited to just 250 units, all personally signed by former Ferrari top officials Sergio Marchionne, John Elkann, and Piero Ferrari. The number 236 of the 250 Art Edition volumes was recently up for sale on the Collecting Cars platform and was sold for £30,250 (around $40,000).

While the Collector’s Edition of the Ferrari book is still available for sale, all the 250 examples of Art Edition flew off the shelves in no time, turning into a very desirable collectors’ item. It’s not the first time an Art Edition version has hit the auction block; Serial number 92 was auctioned two years back for $51,000 by RM Sotheby’s. While the book in itself is a work of art, its aluminum display case and chromed steel display stand designed by Marc Newson still are highlights, which somehow justify the Art Edition eyewatering $60,000 price tag.

The flip-open display case has been styled to resemble the crackle-finish rocker covers of a 250 Testa Rossa. On the other hand, the stand is fabricated from hand-bent TIG-welded and chrome-plated steel tubes to look like the exhaust system from a classic Ferrari. The book also came with a pair of white gloves so that you don’t ruin the piece of art while trying to turn through the pages.


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