David Beckham drives in his new $320,000 McLaren 12C Spider in Beverly Hills

David Backham has been known to be a thorough auto aficionado! What, you thought I was going to say football player? In the past, the man has been known to jump from Bentley to Bentley, with the celebrity favorite of Range Rover Sport tossed in, to an already existing bevy of black. So much so that he had a motor collection worth $800,000 merely to dispense after already losing his customized Porsche. Clearly, he is indeed as much a car person as he is a sportsman. So what leaves us agog this time is his latest car conquest, a McLaren 12C Spider. Gleaming in all its convertible glory, black, of course, the car makes everyone sit up and take notice. And then drool.

Laying your eyes on it ensures you can’t just look away. And if you try, of course, there is Beckham in the front seat. Enough said of him already. The bespoke beauty is a McLaren marvel that is as much as a racecar as it is a luxurious speed machine. With technology borrowed from the McLaren Formula1, this raging roadster is exhilaration engineered indeed!

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[Via – Complex]

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