Owing to the immense success of Yeezy, Kanye West is now the richest black man in American history

Kanye didn’t like that Forbes put him on the cover but didn’t term him a billionaire. So Kanye fought and became one so diligently that not only is he now worth $6.6 billion but also the wealthiest black man in American history. According to Bloomberg, it’s the best time to be Kanye West as he is minting money today much more than he has in the past. Kanye’s a crowd-pleasing sneaker and apparel brand Yeezy is now valued at $3.2 billion to $4.7 billion. It’s no secret that West remains the sole owner of the Yeezy company and is gearing up for a new Yeezy Gap line which is set to release later this summer, the new venture is expected to be worth more than $970 million. If rumor mills are to be believed Kanye also signed a 10-year contract last year with Gap to design apparel underneath the Yeezy brand. It may have been a damp year for businesses around the world but the same can’t be said for Yeezy which was treading down a path of its own. Yeezy sales actually rose 31% to almost $1.7 billion in revenue last year–and Kanye received $191 million in royalty.

Whether the brand continues to grow at this pace or not is a story for another day but it surely is a great thing to be Kanye these days.

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