Aston Martin’s design director gets a Bespoke Driving Suit by Henry Poole

When you race at high speeds, you just want to win; the safety gear will take care of keeping you alive, right? Well, they seem to think that from the good old days. And if you are the design director of an automotive giant like Aston Martin, driving is more than races and celebrations. And so, to capture the true essence of automotive glory, British bespoke tailors Henry Poole have created a custom made driving suit. The suit in question is a three-piece tweed race car suit with pockets that let you carry your world with you. Aston Martin Designer, Marek Reichman, who is the man behind the Aston Martin Zagato will wear it at Goodwood Revival 2011.

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The Reichman’s suit has been crafted in “a light gray Prince of Wales check cloth; was based on a 1969 design worn by racing driver Nick Cussons“. There are pockets on the inside for every driving need you can think of, right from the spark plugs, a tire gauge, spanners and for an oily rag. Also the leather used in the suit and cap is the same as used on the seating and interiors of the modern Zagato.
Nick Cussons explains, “We didn’t have all this Nomex fireproofing in those days, and we wanted to be able to have drinks after the race, so we used a good worsted suit made, where the wool would simply singe if it caught a-lite”. The photos are courtesy Lara Platman.

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