Creed Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum…you can’t thank god enough for your nose!

When can you get virgin, island, and water together… oh you naughty Lil brains I know what you thinking but I would like to interrupt your fantasy and give you the real deal. What I was trying to get to was the very exclusive Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum. Virgin Island Water, the new fragrance for men and women, captures the tropical splendor of scents carried in the trade winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel near Ginger Island in the Caribbean. The fragrance celebrates a sailing adventure Mr. CREED enjoyed with his son, Erwin, and a royal couple near Ginger Island, an uninhabited Xanadu in the Virgin Islands ruled by the British crown. A portion of Virgin Island Water sales will benefit charities from protecting the world’s oceans. It comes in three notes like Top Notes: Essence of copra (the white inner portion of the coconut); coconut today (a liquid derived from the sweet sap of the palm tree); the lime of the Antilles; white bergamot, and mandarin orange from Sicily. Middle Notes: Hibiscus, ginger, ylang-ylang, and Indian jasmine and Bottom Notes: Sugar cane and white rum of the Antilles, musk from Tonkin.

The Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum, 4 oz will cost you just $208.00; whereas the 2.5 oz. will cost you $185.00 and last but not the least the 1oz. will cost you just $98.00. So according to what you can afford best you hit the stores and soon!

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